Saturday, October 29, 2011

Let the Blogging begin...

So I've caught the bug and decided to start a blog.  It wasn't entirely on a whim, my new book is being released and having an Author's blog, I've been told, is essential.  That being said, I begin this undertaking with a mixture of excitement and apprehension.  While I love to write and enjoy the thought of reaching the largest possible audience I can, I have never been one to keep a journal and this feels very much like a journal.  But that's enough of explanations and excuses.
Sometime last year (exact date unknown, I'm not great with dates) I began writing a series of books targeted at young adults.  A rather ambiguous category I know, but it is more succinct than targeting kids 12 and up to read on their own while still appealing to adults and particularly enjoyable for adults to read to their kids age 7 or so.  Reading between the lines, I got tired of writing books for adults who, by nature of being adults, would never enjoy the experience as much as my daughter enjoyed having me read Harry Potter to her.  In short, while I wasn't reaching much of an audience with the novels I had been writing over the last twenty years, I had the best audience any author could hope for curled up in my lap every night.  It didn't hurt that I am also a sucker for this type of fantastical fiction that stretches your imagination and makes you believe, if just for a moment, that magic is possible.
Scarlet Hopewell was born and with her came Dakota the Lord of Wolves, Mr. Hopewell, Melody, Brennan and the rest of the cast that embark on an adventure to rescue a world they thought they knew and one they never knew existed.  And from the first sentence to the last, it has been a blast.  Much like reading The Lord of the Rings for the first time, or my first venture into Hogwarts, except this time I was in control of the word, its characters and all the adventures to come.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of writing these novels and if my daughter's smile is any indication of success (and truthfully, it is) I will be writing Scarlet's story for years to come.
In future blogs I will plan to include more about the inspiration for the characters and some of the events that helped form the plot as well as engage in discussions you, the readers, bring up in your comments and questions.  I hope you enjoy Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light.  Be sure to pick up a copy on Amazon now for the kindle and in trade paperback the second week in November.


  1. I think it takes real talent and a keen imagination to be able to write novels. Any book that helps get kids to read is a good think and this book seems as though it will not only hold their interest but have them wanting more. So great job and keep the books coming.

  2. This book holds the interest of children and adults alike. I plan on more than a few copies of the paperback for Christmas for the "tweens" on my list...can't wait for the sequels!

  3. You shouldn't be so tough on yourself in your need not make any excuses. You are a beautiful writer and what a beautiful audience the child (young critic and admirer) in your lap will always be.