Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Said No...

I have noticed, as I'm sure most of you have, that since having children the amount of times I say no in any given day has increased so exponentially that I no longer value the word as a part of my effective communication skills.  This has not stopped me from using it, but it has got me reflecting a bit.  How is it that a simple word, once clear, concise, and effective, has, like some washed up former athlete, has become a mere shell of itself.  "Are you going to the game this weekend?"  "No."  "You want to dance?"  "No."  "Would you like to buy..."  "No."  "Can I get you anything else?"  "No, thank you."
Perhaps its the workload we as parents are placing on the word.  Before, it was required more as a closing pitcher.  It came in, shut the situation down and went back to the bullpen for a good long while.  Now I call on it every other batter and rarely do my batter's go down with three easy strikes. 
The crazy thing is that I don't even consider myself to be a strict parent.  After all, I say yes a great deal as well. 
After some careful consideration, I have determined two possibly interrelated explanations.  One, is matter of shear numbers.  Never before in my life has anyone asked me as many questions as many times as my kids do now.  No question is asked less than twice in quick succession, and then most likely repeated later in the day or week.  A waiter might ask me more than once if I want a refill, but he doesn't follow me around, repeating the question while he hangs on my leg like an orangutang.  The other explanation is a bit hard to accept.  My children, through a combination of persistence, tenacity and skill, outclass me as opponents.  My closing pitcher, NO, just can't match their abilities.  I'm not ready to give up, after all, these batters are rather important to me and I want them to grow up well, but I have to admit, on a day like today, YES just might get a few more calls up to the majors.

On to some business.  I have two books now available on Amazon.com, B & N, etc.  They are very different as The Truest Life is literary fiction and Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light is geared more young adults and adults with a bit of a Peter Pan complex.  I'm quite proud of both and need your support.  Please download or order one, or both.  You won't be disappointed.
As the blog goes, I've altered the comments section so that anyone can post and do so anonymously.  No pressure, but it is always more fun to write when there's interaction.
Thank you for reading.    

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