Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Impatience: The Secret to Manipulating the Time-Space Continuum

I have noticed over the course of my life, and perhaps most especially with the writing process, that I possess the not so unique ability to manipulate time.  Science Fiction you say.  Maybe, but give me a second and I'll make you a believer.  Time, I am beginning to realize now that I'm about to enter into my mid thirties, is not a constant.  In fact, it often slows to a painful crawl and can pass with the speed of a Labrador who heard her food hit the dog bowl.  Ever go to the DMV.  That's all the evidence I need to prove my point, but I'll continue.
I spent nearly a year writing Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light and the sequel Scarlet and the Dragon's Burden.  Time, during this productive period, was quite normal.  I thoroughly enjoyed the process of creation, although it was also with moments of doubt, sleepless nights and a lot of work.  Time moved along as it should.  It felt like...well...a year.  It has been three months since I finished and made the decision to publish and with my growing impatience, excitement, and anticipation, time has slowed to the pace of a German Shepherd who is told to drop her Frisbee.  Ok...enough dog analogies.  I find myself constantly checking the media outlets, sales trackers and Facebook looking to see if I've gotten any new supporters or readers.  The days between the Kindle edition and the paperback availability on Amazon is driving me crazy.
The opposite holds just as true.  I recently had a three day weekend with my family, all four of us off work and school right before I began a five day a week schedule and those three days were over before they began.  I'm not saying I didn't seize the moment and enjoy myself.  I did.  And in doing so, I apparently shifted time into a high gear.
Here's the problem with such profound and infinitely useful powers.  Like Brennan in Keepers of the Light or the Incredible Hulk, I have no conscious control over when these powers choose to manifest themselves.  In fact, as you might gleam from above, they often present themselves in such a way that the opposite of what I would desire comes to pass.  This is a problem and being a solutions driven type of guy, I would like to find the answer.  After all, the Hulk eventually managed to gain control of his rage and Brennan...well, you have to wait and read about that...
Now it may sound odd, but if my theory is correct, what I need to learn how to do is be impatient when I'm enjoying myself.  I need to actively want the good moments to end.  That way, time will slow and I will have more time to enjoy those precious moments in life.  At the same time, if I can learn to hope that today's rather dull lecture topic lasts forever, it will certainly be over before I know it.  Hmmm....
This is no easy task and not without complications.  If I'm being impatient for a great day to end, can I really be enjoying it.  I think some healthy experimentation might be in order.  I'll have to let you know.
I want to thank all of you for letting me ramble and by all means, if you get this theory to work, let me know.  Be sure to give Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light a little bit of your time.  Its just a click or two to the right of this post.  You won't be disappointed.  Until next time...I will be happily awaiting your responses.

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