Sunday, November 6, 2011

Keeping Fingers Crossed and the Return of Superdog

Keep your fingers crossed, hold your breath, knock on wood and keep hope alive...Banjo, our resident superdog is looking like she may just be on her way to a full recovery.  If you haven't read my previous blogs, see below as this is an update of sorts.  A recap for those who don't like scrolling down:  Banjo, black lab, inspiration for Cricket from Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light, very sick for the first time, doom gloom, lots of sad faces around the West household, a possible full recovery...
So, what does this experience with Banjo tell me about hope, worry and facing tragedy.  I have always had a personal philosophy when it comes to these sort of life events, that, although it infuriates and sometimes baffles the women in my life, I believe might just be worth emulating. least worth sharing.  I find worrying to be a pointless and counter productive endeavor.  My mother, for instance, is a classic worrier and in my humble opinion has mastered the art.  Sure, it shows how much she cares about us, but, that is the only productive consequence of putting herself through the pain and anguish before the bad event actually takes place.  My philosophy...stop worrying.   
To simple, did I loose you?  Hang on and let me explain.  When you worry about something, you raise your stress level, shorten your life expectancy, force yourself to face the negative outcome whether it actually happens or not and most importantly, yourwaste the time you have before the negative event takes place.  When I face something, like the possible loss of my dog for instance, I ask myself the following questions.  Is there anything I can do to prepare for, combat or avoid the possible outcome?  If the answer is yes, I ask: what can I do right now and when is the moment when I can?  Is there anything I can do to help my love one's face what's coming?  Often, by the way, the answer is no...
With the answers to those questions I have all I need to begin actively not worrying.  I take action on the answers to my questions and once done, I let go.  I have done what can be done.  Worrying is now, concretely a waste of my time.
Imagine if you knew for instance, ahead of time, that you were going to break your foot.  Would it make any sense at all to put on a pair of painfully tight shoes and lay up on the couch all day...before you broke your foot.  The break could be days away.  You could be running and jumping, skipping and playing sports.  You could be...taking your superdog for a walk.  Worrying after you have actively done what you can to prepare, is just like that.  Its laying up before the injury.  Its taking yourself out of the moment and living pain that may or may not actually happen.
The moral to this little addition to the blog.  Figure out what you can do to make any situation better and then...enjoy the moments your in and those present in those moments.


  1. You have officially been added to my list of blogs I read when I want to procrastinate at work :-) -Julie

  2. Thank you, I'm often a fan of procrastination