Thursday, December 1, 2011

Ghost Readers

So I've been at this blogging thing for several weeks now and the experience has been both rewarding and odd.  While I have been writing since I was pretty young, my audience mainly consisted of my mom and then later, a few friends.  While I always had the desire to write and publish books, it never occurred to me back then that such a medium would ever exist or that I would be putting my sometimes random thoughts out into space for anyone to read.  Books are quite different.  Of the six novels I've written, all were created over a long period of time.  In a way, they grew and matured, sometimes diverging greatly from where I even thought they were headed.  A blog post, by nature, always remains a young thing; as it is thought of, written and posted all without the benefit of long reflection and lengthy creative process.  Quite suddenly it is just out there to fend for itself in a world of readers, some who might be looking forward to its arrival, but by many who find it by accident.  It's a bit of a scary thing (especially considering my lack of a knack for grammar) and I have to admit, sometimes it takes me a beat to press the post button. The oddity comes in afterward.  When I give a friend a book, they read it and tell me what they think.  Bias as it might be, I obviously know who read the book and what they want me to think they thought of it.  My blog has been visited over 1100 times and I have no idea who has read it, what they think, why they read it, or where they are from.  Ghost Readers I've come to think of them and in a way, this adds to the excitement.  After all, I tend to have an active imagination and left to its on devises my mind will always create a story.  My Ghosts begin to take shape from the little information I do receive from the blog stats and I can assure you that you all have very interesting lives.
Unfortunately, thus far, few of my Ghost Readers have found their way to purchasing my novels.  Another oddity as I started the blog to promote my books and the blog is significantly more successful at this stage.  By the way, if you enjoy the blog and haven't read my books...lets just say your getting the short end of the deal.  Comparatively, the books are fantastic.
A bit of news on the novels.  Mimic the Devil is now in final stages of editing and will be available before Christmas.  Ironically it is one of the earlier novel I have written, although it has received a significant face lift.  I'm excited to get it out in print as it's very different from Scarlet.  For one it is a novel for adults and pays a bit of homage to my favorite novel The Counte of Monte Cristo.  Mimic the Devil is quite a thrill ride with a great tragic love story and will have you conflicted to the end.
Scarlet and the Dragon's Burden is scheduled for release on New Years Eve and if you liked Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light...just wait.  I up the ante quite a bit.
For all my Ghost Readers out there, thank you for sticking around.  I appreciate it more than you know.  Please don't be shy about materializing and writing a comment, question or two, checking me out on facebook or shooting me an email.  While I like to make up stories, I will be just as happy to interact with a nonfiction character or too.  Keep reading, whatever writing suits you and don't forget, even in the great electronic age, to visit a bookstore or library every now and then.  Happy Holidays.

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