Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Letter From Santa Clause

Here's a bit of Holiday fun. Merry Christmas and thank you for all your support. Be good, be safe, and Happy Holidays.

Oh, Children Children Young and Old,
A bit worried I am for you.
I'm scratching my beard and checking my list
And find I'm in a stew?

I've warned you many many times,
In stories and in song.
To mind you manners, watch your step,
care for right and wrong.

But everyone's so busy now,
they rush from store to store.
They forget to have a bit of joy
and kindness anymore.

Loving should your manner be,
with everyone you meet,
and practice just a little more,
to turn the other cheek.

Ok, I know that guy ahead,
just rudely cut you off,
he's talking on his cell phone,
and eating french fries from a trough.

And yes, your inlaws drive you nuts,
and soon you just might strangle,
anyone who mentions how
your Christmas pies were mangled.

I'm sure that you are frustrated,
by the people at the mall,
Who broke the line and took the last
lala loopsey doll.

That discount tree you bought too early's
dropping needles by the ton?
You'll never have enough time
to get your shopping done.

Your wife your kids your husband
your boss your car your job
all you've got's complaints
try being Santa Claus.

You think that you are busy,
too much left on your plate
try travl'n the world in just one night,
while bending time and space.

Sure you say "it's magic,
I could do with some of that,"
but without belief, there is no magic,
A plain and simple fact.

Less and less believers
will open hearts this year,
and find that inner spirit
that makes Christmas full of cheer.

"You try, and keep festive,
with a mortgage stacking up."
Try clothing forty thousand elves
with hats and scarves and stuff.

"My car is on the fritz again,
the seats are worn and old,
half the time the thing won't start
and the carpets smell of mold."

Well travel sometime by reindeer,
they eat only roughage.
Imagine what it smells like
stuck back here with the luggage.

Suzy wants a pair of skates,
A sled cause Bobby's good,
I wish, i'm crafting home-maid xbox's
Out of only artic wood.

I'm going on a tangent
and loosing fast my purpose,
to wish you Merry Christmas,
and urge you look beyond the surface.

Everyone has problems,
and fits from time to time,
if we can practice a bit of patience,
learn to be a little kind.

Just remember when this Christmas,
You're hustling to and fro,
That Santa still is watching,
You'll get a lump of coal...

Wait a second,
I just was told,
That coal isn't bad at all
My elves said this 'fore they went on strike
They're fans of basketball.

Ok, no coal this Christmas,
I'll make a deal with you,
Believe in the spirit of Christmas,
And I'll have faith in you.

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