Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Uncrossing Fingers, New Novels and the Invincible Superdog

So, after warm compresses, antibiotics, pain meds, histologies, stitches, drainage holes and a few sleepless nights, Banjo the Superdog has made a full and complete recovery. What was actually wrong? Well...nobody's completely sure. Every test tried came back negative and to be honest, I'm not sure I really care.   Although the incident did test my faith in her invincibility, with only three small scars to mark the ordeal, Banjo is back to full strength and still trying to be a lap dog (she weighs over 70lbs).
Lessons learned:
Don't take things for granted. Now, this might seem counter intuitive as I could have taken for granted that she would get better and been no worse for wear, but that's not what I mean. Everyday we go through life without truly appreciating the constants.  The steadfast, the dependable.  The everyday.  I realize that someday, Banjo will pass on, but for seven years she has just been there, waiting patiently for my attention and ready to lavishly doll out her affections. Most days, however, I find myself a little too busy, a little too preoccupied...a little too self obsorbed. There is a reason why a dog is a special thing, a reason why they are referred to as man's best friend. Sure I could go into the many functional, life saving things dogs do for us, heck there is even a documentary on how dogs are partially responsible for our climb to the highest link in the food chain. All of that would pale in comparison, however, to the fact that your dog is a guaranteed source of unconditional love. If you're lucky, they may not be the only source, hopefully if you have kids they are too, but not many come with such unrelenting devotion.  Sometimes I think we pay too little attention to these wonderful constants when really they deserve the our fullest.  The old saying "the squeaky wheel gets the grease," might be a great adage, but more often we should give a little love to the wheels that always turn smooth.
So...today I'm officially uncrossing my fingers and as I sit by my fire pit with my lovely wife, two children and two and a half dogs, I feel quite blessed, a little bit lucky and hopefully, not taking anything for granted. 
I have two new novels scheduled for release in the near future and although quite different from one another, I am quite proud of them both.  Mimic the Devil, which releases the 15th of December on Amazon, is a revenge thriller that provides quite a ride.  At times a rather visceral experience it has a love story at its heart that is as heartbreaking as it is moving.  I began writing it many years ago and couldn't be more please to see it reach the light of day and hopefully your beside table, whether on your kindle or trusty paperback.
For those a bit younger at heart and who have fallen in love with Scarlet, Scarlet and the Dragon's Burden is still scheduled to release right on time, New Year's Eve.  If you thought the first book was an adventure, just wait.  It only gets better from here.
Thank You all my Ghost Readers, family and friends.  Keep on coming by and I'll keep on writing. 

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