Sunday, February 12, 2012

I Hand In My Man Card and Gain Some Cherished Moments With My Wife

I realize that Twilight might not exactly be the subject one would expect on the blog of a 34 year old man, but, although there is obviously a deeper sentiment here, this post is in fact, centered around that very subject.  For the guys out there who are at this moment getting reading to immediately click away and write my blog off, give me a moment, for with sacrifice comes great reward.
Recently, in my wife's quest for something new to read, she decided to read those vampire books everyone's always taking about.  Now, I like to think that I know my wife pretty well, we have after all been together for a long time as 34 year old's go.  So, I told her that I thought she would no doubt find the books to be sappy and way too adolescent.  I, of course, having never read the books and having only seen the first movie, made this judgement from a biased, uninformed male perspective.  She, no surprise, did not see any real value in my advice and checked out the first two books from our local library anyway.  And so began the Edward Cullen love affair at Castle de West.
If this had been any other girl and certainly any fellow firefighter at my work, I would have begun to tease them unmercifully for the sheer, adolescent-like enjoyment that I was witnessing, but this was my wife who is not any other girl.  Those who know my wife can attest that she is far from outwardly over sentimental, is brilliant, responsible and very much an adult.  Yet here she was, devouring these books, smiling with such youthful vigor, that I was intrigued as much as I was delighted to see her so happy.
Naturally I was curious, beyond so actually.  As a man who is still very much in love with his wife, anything that makes her smile like that stirs within me a compulsive need to know.  So, throwing my masculine objections aside, I bought Twilight for my kindle, and proceeded to enter into the feminine phenomenon of the romantic series. 
With two children, full time jobs, family, a house, paramedic school, my own novels, and a host of other responsibilities, my wife and I's conversations often focus around serious, keeping house type subjects.  After all, by the time we both are home from work, dinner is made and eaten, the kids are bathed, read to and put to bed, we don't exactly have a whole lot of time to spend alone together before its time to go to bed and repeat the process all over again.  If there's something we need to talk about regarding the management of our family, it usually takes up the time we have quite easily. 
For a few weeks, however, although we still discussed family type matters, we were also talking about Edward, Bella and Jacob.  We were talking about the writing style of Stephanie Meyers and how well she conveys the emotions of her characters.  We were snuggled on the couch working our way through all movies (which I bought for her specifically for this purpose) and comparing them to the books and wondering why they chose to leave something out here or add something there.  And strangest of all, I found myself on Saturday night, with my beautiful wife occasionally peeking over my shoulder to see where I was and how many pages I had left, reading voraciously so that I could finish Breaking Dawn before we watched the movie that evening.  Funnier still, I found myself completely caught up wondering what was going to happen and more than delighted by the incredibly romantic, sweet ending.
Is there a moral here, other than yes, I am gladly surrendering my man card for the moment?  Well of course there is, otherwise I wouldn't be writing this post.  The moral is, there is always value in understanding what makes someone you love happy.  The Twilight series is far from being my favorite series of books, but even if they hadn't been well written and rather interesting (they were both by the way), I would have read them anyway just for the cherished moments my wife and I spent together.  Although my man card may be temporarily revoked, my husband card received more than a few gold stars over the course of the past few weeks.  And although I certainly value the opinion of my fellow masculine compatriots, it's not their smile I live for. 

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