Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Few Ridiculous Ways to Fix Our Government

As are most Americans, I am a bit frustrated by the lack of governing that seems to be going on with our government.  While I try to stay away from any partisan ramblings, as this is after all my author blog, I couldn't help sharing some of the more outrageous ideas I have come up with for helping fix our political ineffectualness.  

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Number one: We should chemically induce amnesia in all members of Congress so that they have no recollection of whose money enabled them to get elected.  They would then be locked away from all media and outside influence in small groups composed of both Democrats and Republicans, although that information will also be kept from them.  They will them be presented with all the issues that are currently plaguing our nation.  Only scientific facts from published studies (without any knowledge of where or why the studies were originated) will be presented to aid in there decision making.  The group sampling, method, statistical variation will also be made available so that their validity may be judged by the members.  After several months, Congress will reconvene as one and make laws and decisions. Then they can have their memories back and realize that although they will probably have angered some formerly powerful groups with letters for names and little in the way of conscience, they will have done what they truly feel is best for their country.

Number two: Henceforth, anyone who affiliates with a political party, for instance, rather than as a human being with individual thoughts on the issues that face their fellow homo sapiens, will be forbid from running for office.  No more parties fighting for control.  Only people fighting for what they feel is right.

Number three: All elected members of the federal government will have to take truth serum and call their mothers to explain their future actions and motives before going forward on any bill, decision or legislation.  Actually, that should probably be number one.

Number four: All members of Congress must spend one week a month while they are in office living in the most impoverished, downtrodden town in their state.

Number five: Don't pass a budget, you're fired.  New election, try again.

Number six: Anyone attempting to add anything in a bill that is not relevant to the subject of that bill will be put in timeout for 1 minute for every year of their age.  Then they must refer back to Number Three and apologize. 

That's as far as I got.  Please feel free to comment with your own ideas.  Hope my six made you smile.  It's getting a bid hard to do when thinking of politics these days.

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  1. Brilliant as always... I of course am especially fond of number 3... anything that makes a law requiring calling your mom is GREAT!!! All I can say... in a perfect world.... these laws would pass.