Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Editing, Editting, Edditing

I came to a disheartening revelation today. I have been putting such an emphasis on the Scarlet Hopewell series that I completely neglected the two adult fiction thrillers I published earlier. Anxious to jump into the indie book movement and be read, finally, I published Mimic the Devil and Wake Me When I'm Gone independently. The, with a keen, inexperienced and naive eye.  I have learned a great deal since then, but probably most important of those early publishing lessons that caught on a bit can't edit your own work. Well, at least I can't. I am too fast and impatient a reader and when it comes to my writing process, well, I'll get to that in a minute. When I read my own work, I see what I know is supposed to be there, which is not what is always on the page. As far as Wake Me When I'm Gone and Mimic the Devil go, they have received extremely high praise for their story, pace, characters and page turning thrills. Unfortunately, the books are poorly edited, with mistakes that although some have claimed can't detract from the stories, others have claimed are quite difficult to overlook. That is not really something I'm willing to accept anymore. With more success come higher standers I guess, although I will freely admit, and apologize to my readers, that I thought had done a good job editing the books. Again, tough and absolute lesson learned. As of this evening, Mimic the Devil and Wake Me When I'm Gone will no longer be available for sale. They will disappear for purchase from Amazon and my blog. Over the course of the year, I will have them edited professionally and re-released, first Wake Me When I'm Gone, then Mimic the Devil and finally, at the start of the new year, a new thriller, Wounded Eagle. Look out for updates on the blog.

My writing process...I did say I would mention something about it. I have read quite of few authors explain how they go about writing. Dean Koontz for instance writes and rewrites each page until it's perfect before moving on to the next page. There are many authors who have a similar process. I can't do that, or, probably more correctly, won't. One of the reasons I love to write is that I am in the story as I create it. I get to live these fantastic lives of my characters, feel their pain and triumph, and go on adventures that are often as incredible as they are cathartic. I pick up my Mac, jump into the world I'm creating and let it flow until I get tired. As bad as it my sound, grammar and spelling are analytical processes and they really don't play a big part when I'm being creative. If I'm writing a memo at work, I don't tend to make many mistakes. My books, a ton. My editor, a saint.  And if I'm truly being honest, the creative thing is only a partial explanation.  The other part is that I am a horrible speller.  I just am.  The only reason I got hundreds on my spelling tests as a kid is because I have a pretty incredible short term memory.  I can memorize just about anything and regurgitate it in the short term.  Sometimes it sticks for good, when it came to spelling, it did not.  That being said, I am not at all self conscious of this fact.  So if ever you read something I've written and find that I've made a mistake, by all means send my a message.  I need all the hep I can git.      

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