Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Finally, Some News

Welcome to the new formatted webpage.  Put up some new window dressing for my first post in way too long.  It has been a busy and productive 6 months, unfortunately though, not for writing.  I've lost 55 pounds and gotten in fantastic shape.  I switched to an all plant whole foods diet.  I feel like Superman.  Ran the Tough Mudder and started a Master's degree.  While none of these things helps you get the last book in the Scarlet series any faster, they were necessary to get myself in the right place to begin working in earnest.  I lost Leah, my German Shepherd and the inspiration for Dakota, and it was difficult for me to write.  It's hard to bring characters to a page who are so closely tied to something in real life when the wounds are still fresh.  Having already lost Banjo, the inspiration for Cricket, last December, it wasn't easy to move on.  Work has now begun in earnest though and I'm finding it bitter sweet and rewarding to see my beloved dogs live again on the page.
I am also pleased to announce that I have a new, highly acclaimed editor who I will be working with on the final book and also on the revamping of the previous novels in the Scarlet Series.  Starting with Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light, which will see a new cover, formatting, editing for content, and grammar and will be rereleased in March.  We are looking at the last Scarlet Hopewell novel in the series for a late summer release.

I'm really excited about this opportunity and can't wait for you, my readers, to see the fantastic books that are to come.  The fourth Scarlet book is now truly taking shape and I'm thrilled to say that I think it may just be the best yet.  I am, of course, obviously biased.  Just being honest. 
Keeping checking back and I'll keep you updated on the progress as well as maybe a few funny stories now and then.  Hope everyone's Holidays were wonderful.

Brandon Charles West

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