Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Wisdom of an Editor

I can now say from experience, short lived though it may be, that for a writer, having a good editor is essential.  Especially, if like me, you are prone to imaginative outbursts and tend to consistently overlook things like grammar.  There are two types of editors.  Those who first read your books and tell you whether or not you are completely fooling yourself, then correct some of the obvious blunders you have made.  I can not begin to thank my mother for fulfilling this role for me for so many years.  I think I have finally learned my diner/dinner lesson.  And then there are professional editors, like the fabulous lady whom currently is in possession of Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light.  Two things you learn once a professional editor gets a hold of your work.  First, hopefully, that you have talent and a great story and second, you have made a great deal of mistakes.  Then comes the best part of learn.

Scarlet Hopewell is currently getting the star treatment, going to the spa if you will and will emerge as a polished novel worthy of her strength and character.  You might have noticed that all of my novels are no longer available for sale.  Well, that is because they will all be receiving similar treatment and when they are re-released, they will be much more deserving of your time and the praise they have received thus far.  Thank you to all who overlooked my faults and encouraged me to continue Scarlet's story.  Your reviews and praise have spurred me on every step of the way and I can't wait to share this next step of the journey with you.
I will begin to update the blog more often in light of my lack of other material online while the books are edited.  That way I can keep in touch and also keep you updated on progress.  The next step for Scarlet is her entry in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards.  Wish me luck...

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