Monday, March 17, 2014

Marine Corps Marathon

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For those who might follow my blogs, you'll know that it has been a big year for me with regards to my health.  I went from 205 to 159 pounds, switched to a whole foods, plant based diet, and began really exercising; it is worth noting that I have been a bit of a lazy bones this winter, but I've kept the weight off.  Part of this transformation I owe to, what seemed at the time, my friend's ludicrous idea to take part in the Tough Mudder, an 11 mile obstacle race dubbed "probably the toughest event on the planet."  It gave me motivation, kept me honest, and most of all gave me a great, life changing experience.  I was eager from the moment we finished to find next year's goal.  My dream of Marine Corps Marathon greatness was born.

The Marine Corps Marathon is not an easy event to join.  It is quite popular and located just miles from a highly populated area, Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.  My original thought was to form a charity team with my buddy; again, not so easy.  Then I thought I would run in the 1775 Marine Corps Run; entry to the Marine Corps Marathon is guaranteed for finishers.  My buddy got in, I did not.  So, I joined the Marine Corps Marathon Lottery and hoped for the best.  A wandering internet search then provided the opportunity I had originally hoped for along with guaranteed entry into the MCM.
My Uncle Frank was the most recent member of my family to pass away; and he died of pancreatic cancer.  He fought the disease with courage; for he was always caring for others and was essential to the care of my Nana, who was dying of Alzheimer's disease.  Her passing, and then the steady decline of Uncle Frank are part of what led me to examine my own health.  As a paramedic and firefighter, I see the effects of cancer and other debilitating illnesses every time I go to work.  It is heart wrenching for families, and a painful, horrid way to spend your last moments on the earth.
I could not be prouder to be running the MCM with Livestrong and raising money to help find ways to diagnose and treat cancer.  My goal is 1,000 dollars and I would appreciate your help.  Keep in my however, that goals, by their nature, were meant to be met...and then exceeded.

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