Monday, February 2, 2015

Dare to Shoulder the Dragon's Burden

The Dragon's Released!

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Trapped in a ruined world, Scarlet offers hope to those who find their way to the Sanctuary, but her own faith is fading. She misses her family and, unable to learn the magic she needs to face Prince Thanerbos, is afraid she'll never fulfill her destiny as the legendary For Tol Don. But when word reaches Scarlet and her companions that they might not be the only ones stranded in the nonmagical world, she sets out on a new quest. 

Meanwhile, Charles and Xavier seek the help of the dragon Morelpis. If what the mountain dwarves tell them can be trusted, grief has turned the once peaceful dragon deadly. Yet if he's to save his daughter, Charles has nowhere else to turn . . . 

With pirates, dragons, dwarves, strange natural phenomena, riddles to solve, and twists to keep you guessing, the sequel to Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light expands the world of Satorium in ways both surprising and poignant. 


  1. I have read both 1 &2 in this series but am very dishearted that part 3 is not avalible :( I truly loved reading the first 2 and was looking forward to the last one. The story and people are really thought out and grabs you and keeps you reading right to the last word.

  2. I recently stumbled across your books and have read all three and am curious as to when the next one will be out. I do hope it is soon as there are so many things still dangling out there waiting to be tied up nice and neat for the final book, whenever that will be.