Thursday, August 27, 2015

Half a World and Curse You Xbox


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I finished Half a King and without pause moved straight into the sequel, Half a World.  Joe Abercrombie still reigns supreme in my mind, although, now halfway into the second book, I will say that I am a bit confused as who the target audience is.  The language, topically at least, has ventured past what I would consider acceptable for my young adult daughter.  Perhaps more in the fifteen year old range.  Not sure.  Other than that minor confusion, I am loving the series.  The sequel opened up the world of the Shattered Sea quite a bit, brought on new characters, and changed the dynamic of the series toward a grander adventure than Half a King.

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I keep picking away at The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt—five minutes here, ten minutes there.  Don't let the dawdling pace at which I am reading the hefty book lead you to believe I am not enjoying it.  This is certainly not the case.  I find the writing superb and the subject fascinating.  To be honest, I have no explanation for why it is taking me so long to finish it expect to say that maybe I am reading slow because it is so good.


I'm having to restrain myself from littering the screen with negative emoticons at this particular sore subject.  The drought continues.  Where are the games?  It seems as if we were better off with the older system.  It strikes me as a bit odd to replace the Xbox 360 with the newest technology only to use it as a glorified tv remote.  


My TV watching has consisted of the following.  Littlest Petshop, Cupcake Wars, My Little Pony, and House of Cards.  I will let you guess to whom the control of the remote control lies.  

Ok, back to work...

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