Monday, March 23, 2020

A Dabble with Poetry

Hello out there.  I have been noticing a bit more traffic to my page, no doubt hoping for new books, but finding nothing new and that is a definite failing on my part.  The books I can't do anything about; publishing is a bit complicated, but I promise books four and five of the Scarlet series are coming.  That being said, I thought I should at least share something.  So here is some poetry.  I'm not really a poet, except in the sense that we all are somewhere in our deepest souls, but I like to dabble.  Forgive the COVID bunker ambiance of the video.  I didn't really think about the visuals until after I recorded it.  Be safe.  Take care of one another, from 6 feet away if possible.  Eat your veggies.  And be kind.

Words that express.
Words that cherish.
That bring us close,
And give life to laughter.

What words would I have for you,
if in their expression
I could explain my heart?
If in their expression
I could gain passage into yours.

Words of rage.
Words of contempt.
That render,
Making fluid our morality.

What words would I have for you,
If in their speaking
They could give you my pain?
If in their speaking
I could take back my stolen time.
Words of kindness.
Words that elevate.
That give us hope
And make promises that might just be kept.

What words would I have for you,
If in their uttering
I could heal with compassion?
If in their uttering
I could forgive and be forgiven.

So inadequate for love,
Much too powerful in hate.
Give our inadequate love words power with deeds.
Rob those hate words with our furious grace.

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