Wednesday, April 22, 2020

More Poems

Hello Everyone,
Hope you all are staying safe and are as well as can be expected.  Hope you are all enjoying the poems, although I do realize they are a sorry substitute for the next book (in my case, not in the case of all poetry).  If you are looking for something a little more refined, you should check out Patrick Stewart's facebook page.  He is reading a sonnet a day and it is delightful.  But first, read on my friends:

Steady Tread
I’m jealous of time, inexorable, surging, even when our paths are cruelly diverging.
And me, left missing you, clinging to the moments united that time rushes through, 
As this demon mocks with a viscous pour in moments apart, a teasing tilt of the sand filled jar.
Tell I of how little it cares, unaware, nonchalant in its flippant theft of youth so fair.

Should I focus instead, on the wisdom its steady tread brings the most hapless abed survivors of plump hours bled?
Consider the blessings of watching the ever-changing beauty of growth, decay and rebirth rearranging, cycling through stacked years progressing?

How can I, dignify acceptance when even best days are marked by good-byes?

But in you, I ponder wisdom behind the glacial prisms.  The laugh lines that hint at the edges from the smile I fall always victim.
What of the poise, to which all might aspire, that throve from naïve beauty into the woman I so much admire?
Can I be angry at such a force, be adverse when no matter how unyielding, it composes such glorious verse?
I can not.  Although, might I ask it to multiply or perhaps it could slow, be languid, when you and I entangled.
For given time to reconsider, even when away, rush not the days or minutes; for my mind and soul finds you within it, and even longing is worth delay. 

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