Thursday, April 30, 2020

Solar Melody

No explanation needed at this point.  When under stay at home orders, poetry I write.

Solar Melody
Why am I so captured by your beauty?
Not that which catches the eye, shining like radiant sun, to steal breath at a view,
And cause good sense, faced with celestial countenance, to mutiny.
I speak of the soul’s majesty that too often doesn’t realize its virtue.

Why, when so logical in thought, applied with success I’ve done
To others of less impact to my heart’s rhythm,
On knees, reverent before brightest sun
Do I find myself a worshiping pilgrim?

Is it, perhaps, not venerated light but tempting melody?
Of two instruments merged, with each moment a new symphony evolved;
Our Duetto building tension with dissonant harmony, 
Always searching for consonant chord’s resolve.   

If no answer comes for my query, I shan’t appose.
Let me be the satisfied musician, who plays on, bathed in the sun’s warm grace.
And may that music we, joined, composed
Play until all questions depart unanswered, all doubts by song replaced. 

So all that remains is music and light,
Euphony for my soul, as your radiance to my sight. 

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