Friday, May 15, 2020

Twisted Legacy

Twisted Legacy
Why do you speak in lies, so damning your countrymen to strife?
Why does not a desire burn to leave a legacy of a kind, caring life.
Of prosperity to those who will outlive your aged vessel, 
Having gained the riches of kings and stood on the pedestal.

Your sickness spreads to the ignorant, the misguided, the desperate,
Toward an epidemic of further pain and neighborly war without respite, 
With themselves, with the very principles of our nation
Disguised in the veil of rights and freedom, while the face is a twisted mutation.

Narcissus, his face distorted by the cruelty of his soul,
Looks at the clear pool and blames his ugliness on the bowl.
“Yes, it’s the water my lord, it’s the water,
Let me drain it and build a more flattering altar.” 

The world burns, the ocean gasps, trees fall as the air begins to kill,
And adding to sickness, comes sickness, and blood of a nation is spilled.  

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