Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The Wait Is OVER!


Book 4 of the Scarlet Hopewell Series!

With strange new alliances, Charles Hopewell has finally found away to get to Scarlet…bring down the barrier that separates the two worlds.  But it’s a decision fraught with danger and unforeseen consequences and the army he and Xavier hoped to built is far from complete.  Scarlet herself must decide whether Aiden Thanerbos, the young man she had once thought of as her mortal enemy can be trusted.  She wants to believe.  She is desperate to save the people who look to her for guidance and protection.  Busy cleaning up the mess from the siege on Washington’s Haven, a battle that nearly cost her everything she holds dear in the New World, she is more desperate than ever to fulfill the destiny of the For Tol Don.
In this fourth installment of the Scarlet Hopewell series, worlds collide in grand scope as the final battle between good and evil looms.  Filled with romance, magic, and grand adventure, everything is about to change as the barrier falls.

It has been a long wait...but the day has finally arrived.  Stars have aligned—all the right things have fallen into place—and all with my first and fabulous editor, Miranda Ottewell, and the designers at Minor Manor Publishing, including the beautiful cover designed by Krister Swartz.  I'm sorry it took so long, but I am hoping, and in fact am pretty confident, it was worth the wait.  The great news for all my fans who have stuck with me and the new fans to come, Book 5, Scarlet and the Shattered Throne, is finished and in the final stages of publishing.  So you won't have to wait long for the conclusion to Scarlet's story.  

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