Thursday, July 15, 2021

New Book: Channeling My Inner Dickens


All things old become new and visa versa.  It used to be, in the olden times, authors like Charles Dickens, Author Conan Doyle, Alexandre Dumas, even later authors like Ernest Hemingway had their novels first published by chapter.  From the Pickwick Papers to Farewell to Arms, books often used to see their first publication in such a format, as periodicals or in magazines like Scribners.  Now, Amazon is bringing that format back to the public.

The first novel in my new series will be published first on Amazon Vella.  Instead of waiting a year or more for the full novel to be edited, formatted, type set, approved, reproved, reedited, cover illustrated, copy edited, content edited... (you get the idea), you will be able to read nearly as I write it.  I say nearly, because of course my publisher will still be editing etc..., but as proof, the first chapters are already up and available and there will be a new installment every week.  So, how does it all work and what is the new book about.

Click on the photo or the links to Vella and follow Pillaging the Sun.  You'll be notified of new chapters (first three are free) and how to continue the adventure.  Be sure to review and give me a thumbs up—just like any other platform, that all helps.

Here's the promo blurb:

Having barely survived an apocalyptic rise in the earth’s temperature, humanity as only recently recovered a small portion of what they lost—of what they destroyed.   The ingenuity of Montgomery Camden's company Ouranos may have scrubbed the skies of carbon monoxide and given those that remain the shining city of Gaia, but if he can’t find a reliable source of power, all will have been for naught.  Harassed by religious fanatics, public riots, the weight leadership and threats to his family, he looks to the sun, sending settlers across the Great Desert.  Liam leads the expedition, hoping to build a new life for his family—hoping to provide the power the city so desperately needs.  But there is more at stake than just solar fields and onyx skyscrapers.  Even in a world where life is precious, when resources are scarce, there will always be those willing to steal to survive.  There will always be those willing to kill.  Filled with action, intrigue, and coming of age drama, Pillaging the Sun is a science fiction adventure that rings with cautionary truth about our own future, while leading readers on a wild, fantasy ride.

I hope you enjoy.  Be sure to comment and interact wherever you like best.  I love hearing from you all.

Virginia, July 2021

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