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Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light

Perhaps it’s the fact that her puppy has grown twice the size of a German Shepherd and has started talking.  Perhaps it’s that mysterious evil figures are searching everywhere for her and her family, intent on ending her life.  Or perhaps it’s the fact that Scarlet Hopewell has just learned that she is one half a prophecy that will decide the fate of two worlds; one that she didn’t even know existed. Whatever the reason, Scarlet Hopewell is having a very interesting year.  
The barrier that separates the magical and non-magical worlds is about to be broken, and Scarlet is caught right in the middle.  With an ancient wolf who she thought was her family dog, a wizened old Tounder (the elder of the Keepers of the Light), and her family, Scarlet will embark on a great adventure to learn how to wield magical power beyond her wildest imagination.  But time is running out.  An evil is rising in the south and he too will amass powers equal or greater to her own—and he has a head start.  Before the end, her world will be destroyed, and the only hope for those that remain is Scarlet.
Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light is the first in a series of five novels for young adults that will chronicle the adventures of Scarlet and her companions as they fight against the evil Prince Thanerbos and his plans to rule over both the magical and non-magical worlds.  The novel is about finding one’s own inner strength and the inseparable bond that can exist between family and friends.  Filled with imagery of worlds both familiar and fantastical, it takes the readers through Scarlet’s transition from an ordinary twelve-year-old girl with hopes of one day being a writer, to the powerful prophesied hero of a land beyond even her considerable imagination.

Scarlet and the Dragon's Burden 

Trapped in a ruined world, Scarlet offers hope to those who find their way to the Sanctuary, but her own faith is fading. She misses her family and, unable to learn the magic she needs to face Prince Thanerbos, is afraid she'll never fulfill her destiny as the legendary For Tol Don. But when word reaches Scarlet and her companions that they might not be the only ones stranded in the nonmagical world, she sets out on a new quest. Meanwhile, Charles and Xavier seek the help of the dragon Morelpis. If what the mountain dwarves tell them can be trusted, grief has turned the once peaceful dragon deadly. Yet if he's to save his daughter, Charles has nowhere else to turn . . . With pirates, dragons, dwarves, strange natural phenomena, riddles to solve, and twists to keep you guessing, the sequel to Scarlet and the Keepers of the Light expands the world of Satorium in ways both surprising and poignant.

Scarlet and the Queen of the New World

With Queen of the New World, West delivers the highly anticipated third volume of the Scarlet Hopewell series and brings a distinctive maturity to his characters that bridges the gap between young adult and epic fantasy.

Satorium and the New World are in chaos and war is eminent. Scarlet finds herself in the awkward position of being the leader of the largest group of human beings still free in the New World. A position she neither wants or feels she is capable. With her mission to learn the powers she will need to fight the darkness rising in Satorium all but abandoned, hope is fading and Scarlet must struggle with the new position everyone wishes to thrust upon her. With her mother and sister fleeing unknowingly into the hands of the enemy and her father trying to mass an army to stand against the tyrannical king, Scarlet must find it within herself to face the Queen of the New World.

Scarlet Hopewell and the Barrier's Fall 

With strange new alliances, Charles Hopewell has finally found away to get to Scarlet…bring down the barrier that separates the two worlds.  But it’s a decision fraught with danger and unforeseen consequences and the army he and Xavier hoped to built is far from complete.  Scarlet herself must decide whether Aiden Thanerbos, the young man she had once thought of as her mortal enemy can be trusted.  She wants to believe.  She is desperate to save the people who look to her for guidance and protection.  Busy cleaning up the mess from the siege on Washington’s Haven, a battle that nearly cost her everything she holds dear in the New World, she is more desperate than ever to fulfill the destiny of the For Tol Don.
In this fourth installment of the Scarlet Hopewell series, worlds collide in grand scope as the final battle between good and evil looms.  Filled with romance, magic, and grand adventure, everything is about to change as the barrier falls.

Coming soon.  The conclusion to the epic series...

Published by Manor Minor Press
Edited by Miranda Ottewell
With original artwork and interior design by Krister Swartz and Miranda Ottewell  

Brandon Charles West

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