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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

And Then There Were Five

  1.  Scarlet and the Keepers of Light
  2. Scarlet and the Dragon's Burden
  3. Scarlet and the Queen of the New World
  4. Scarlet and the Barrier's Fall 

—and 5.  It has been almost two weeks since Scarlet and the Shattered Throne was released and thus far it seems to be hit.  Good reviews, some happy fans (one young lady had some very particular complaints regarding dragons), and great in person feedback.  A QUICK NOTE, IF YOU LIKE A BOOK, REVIEW IT.  IT REALLY HELPS.  I want to thank everyone who is continuing to make Scarlet a success.  It's been a long ride, but well worth it.  There are still some great things to come regarding Scarlet.  The paper and hardback copies will be on the way soon and there might even be some audiobooks read by yours truly—although the later is a great deal of time and work, so, we'll see.  A lot of that is out of my hand though so...Amazon Prime are you listening.  I'm definitely ready to strike a deal...

I am currently working on a new Young Adult project.  The first book will be titled Pillaging the Sun.  My publisher and I have been toying with the idea of adding it to Amazon's new Kindle Vella before publishing the full book later on.  A bit like going back to the era of magazine serialization with a new technological twist.  So keep a look out.  Of course I will be shouting it from the rooftops once dates get reasonably close.  

I've also begun sharing my new D&D hobby with everyone.  The second installment is out and available to read on my new website  Click over to continue the story or start from scratch if you missed the first episode.

As always, I'm happy to hear from you all and look forward to discussing Scarlet and D&D, or books in general.  

Till next time,


Sunday, May 30, 2021

Wringing out a Goblin



Cricket Stonespur's goal had been the shores of Karrnath, where the marshal culture of discipline and stoic strength seemed an obvious choice to begin this journey of discovery and diplomacy.  After all, although an age apart from the Goblinoids who once ruled Khorvaire as the mighty Dhakaani Empire, the Goblins of Stonespur Island are still a warrior race.  In the ages that passed from the fall of the empire, they lived apart, marooned at first, but then blessed in their isolation.  They developed a civilization founded on honor, discipline, and respect; cornerstones of a great society they believe those on the mainland of Khorvaire lack.  Violent without purpose, emotional without cause, and fickle without good humor, the rest of the continent  is populated by barbarians.  Every two hundred years, an emissary is sent to engage in trade and diplomatic relations with the mainland.  None has ever returned.  What more evidence would the Goblins of Stonespur need?  Yet, still they try.  


Karrnath had been Cricket's goal, but Karrnath was not to be.  The great currents running through Death's Finger Channel joined forces with a storm from the Lhazaar Sea.  Cricket's small vessel was carried by the will of wind and sea, leaving him helpless to navigate its direction.  What should have been a week at sea became two. Weary from lack of food, water, and exposure, Cricket catch's sight of land on the fifteenth day.  The sea foams around the tiny vessel as the waves thrash him from bow to stern.  With one final crashing wave, he is thrown from his vessel and is encompassed by the cold waters of the bay.  The world is going black.  This is the end.  


No…he is a monk of the Hundred Stones.  He has been given a sacred mission by the High Muckmuck, Gargis the Wise.  He will not fail before it has even begun.  


He kicks and fights.  The waves batter his small frame to and fro—water fills his lungs, burning his chest.  His toes brush something soft, something solid.  They find purchase and with ten merciful steps, he flops onto dry land, coughing the salt water from his lungs.